Library Policies

Bath County Memorial Library 

Standards of Public Conduct. 


Bath County Memorial Library patrons expect our facilities to be clean, comfortable and safe places for selecting materials, reading, researching, studying, writing, meeting other community members, and attending Library or community sponsored programs and meetings. 

Any conduct that disturbs or hinders library users, staff and/or volunteers in using the Library or Library materials is prohibited. 

Examples of inappropriate conduct include, but are not limited to: 

1. Engaging in any activity in violation of Federal, State, local or other applicable law, or Library policy while in the library or on library property.


2. Engaging in disorderly conduct or using language likely to provoke violence.


3. Using the library property or restrooms inappropriately.  

4. Being under the influence of alcohol/illegal drugs, and /or selling, using or possessing any illegal drugs, on library property.  

5. Soliciting, selling, petitioning, panhandling, distributing written materials, or campaigning in the library or on library property without written library permission.  

6. Being in the library without shirt, shoes, or appropriate clothing.  

7. Failing to observe the Library’s Internet Use Policy or abide by the time limits for the use of the computers, other equipment, study rooms, and meeting rooms.  

8. Failure to supervise a child, of whom you are a parent or legal guardian 

9. Restricting or limiting the freedom of movement of others due to entering the Library with large bundles, carts, bicycles, or similar items.   

10. Sleeping on library property that is owned, operated, leased, occupied, or controlled by BCPL. 

Board Policy and Procedures 2020-2021 PDF Format

Board Policy and Procedures 2020-2021 Word Document

The library reserves the right to respond to any and all conduct not expressly set forth herein, but which is deemed by library staff to unreasonably interfere with the use of the library by other customers or interferes with the duties performed by library employees. Enforcement of these standards will be conducted in a fair and reasonable manner.

In situations where library staff members feel that the health, safety or security of library customers, staff members, volunteers, or facilities are threatened, they may take any and all appropriate action including, but not limited to, asking the customer to leave library property and /or calling the police for assistance.  

Library customers who violate the Library Standards of Public Conduct may be subject to the suspension of their library privileges, be excluded from the Library and/or face legal action.

To provide an orderly and pleasant public environment, any staff of the Bath County Memorial Library is authorized to determine whether a library customer is not abiding by these or other BCML policies and standards.

The Director delegates to Library Supervisors and by extension any Library staff member, the authority to uphold this policy.

The Director and designated staff members shall use their best discretion under the circumstances known to them at the time. Any individual who has had library privileges suspended may have the decision reviewed by the Board of Trustees.