Our Seed Library is a collection of heirloom and open pollinated seeds, with a mix of everything from flowers to tasty veggies.


We hope that with the implementation of this Seed Library we can promote healthy families as well as community involvement among our patrons.


1. You MUST have a valid and active library card in order to receive seeds.

2. Patrons may "check out" one packet of each variety/type of seed per household, per growing season.

3. We have planting/growing guides on each type of seed available that includes information such as planting times, soil types required, etc.  If you would like a copy, just ask and we will provide you with one.

4. Each patron that checks out seeds must also sign in to our Seed Library log with their name, phone number and/or email, and the types of seeds they have checked out.  This will allow us to keep accurate records of who has checked out what type of seed and how much we have on hand at any given time.

5. OPTIONAL  Collect and dry seeds from your plants at harvest time to return some to the library.  They do NOT have to be seeds from plants grown from Seed Library seeds, but we do ask that they NOT be hybrid seeds.  We will provide a seed return bin in the library, along with envelopes and blank labels so you may label your returned seeds with plant name, variety, and year harvested.

Seed Saving & OTHER Info

If you would like to save seeds from your plants either for yourself or to return to the library, the following link has a wealth of information about the seed saving process.  We heartily encourage you to check it out!

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