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Praying Together

Historical Churches  of
Bath County Kentucky

Abounding Grace.jpg

Abounding Grace Assembly of God

91 Banker St.



Bailey's Chapel

Bailey’s Chapel Christian Church

2429 Waterdell Road 


(606) 674-2515

Ryan Utterback, Minister


Bethel Christian Church

Please contact us if you would like your information posted here! 

Bethel Methodist Church

Bethel United Methodist

511 Bethel Ridge 


Blevins Valley.jpg

Blevins Valley Church

Blevins Valley Christian Church

1418 Blevins Valley Road


Russell Ingram, Minister

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

1954 East Hwy. 36


(606) 674-6626

Jason Purdy, Bishop

City of Refuge.jpg

City of Refuge

City of Refuge  Full Gospel Church

39 Sour Springs Road


(606) 784-8327 / 606-674-2291

Mike Munday, Minister

Cornerstone  Baptist Church

Cornerstone Baptist Church

36 Cherry Lane

Salt Lick

Jayson Minix, Minister

Cornerstone Church.jpg
East Fork.jpg

East Fork

East Fork Church of God

4428 East Fork Road


(606) 247-5888

Billy Harmon, Minister

Fairview Christian Church

Fairview Christian Church

3064 South Hwy. 11


(606) 247-2351

Morgan Gilty, Minister

Fairview Christian.jpg
Fellowship Tabernacle.jpg

Fellowship Tabernacle

The Fellowship Tabernacle has been abandoned for quite sometime now.

This church was pastored by Oscar Robinson until the time of his death.  Subsequently was pastored by his son, Gary Robinson, who was forced to give up pastoring due to health concerns and has since passed away also.  

Grace Gospel Church

Grace Gospel Church

767 Main Street


(812) 887 8318

Grace Gospel.jpg
Grace Tabernacle.jpg

Grace Gospel Tabernacle

Grace Gospel Tabernacle

91 Wyoming Road


(606) 674-2197

Steve Meadows, Minister

Greater First Baptist Church 

Greater First Baptist Church

247 Montgomery St.


(606) 247-2821

Tony L. Weathers, Pastor

Hedrick Community Church.jpg

Hedrick Community Church

Hedrick Community Church

5308 Old Sand Road

Salt Lick

Randall Jackson, Minister

Kendall Springs Church

Kendall Springs Church of Christ

3072 Kendall Springs


(606) 342-0017 / (606) 356-9585

Jason Leber, Minister

Kendall Springs Church.jpg
Lakeview Community Church.jpg

Lakeview Community Church

Lakeview Community Church

581 Cave Run Lake Rd.

Salt Lick


Rev. Eddie Dennison, Pastor

Midland First Church of God

Midland First Church of God

11479 Easy Hwy. 60

Salt Lick


Bush Stevenson, Pastor

Midland First Church of God.jpg
Moores Ferry Church of Christ.jpg

Moores Ferry Church of Christ

Moore’s Ferry Christian Church

2396 Moore’s Ferry Rd.

Salt Lick

Dennis Carman, Minister

Morning Star Baptist Church

Morning Star Baptist Church

161 Harrisburg Ave.


(606) 674-2471

Derik King, Minister

Morningstar Baptist Church.jpg
Mudlick Church of God.jpg

Mudlick Church of God

Lick Church of God

9067 East Hwy. 36


(606) 768-6996

Mark Caldwell, Minister

New Life Fellowship Church

907 Forge Hill Road