The Packets come with each kind of seed in that category. (Ex: the Tomato Packet will have each different type of tomato.) If you select Individually Packaged Seeds, you will choose from the list to the right (or if you're on mobile the list below) and write your selections in the box below. If you choose Not Applicable you will not receive any of that type of seed. For any questions please feel free to call!

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Available Seeds:

  • Beans: Kentucky Dreamer 

  • Beans: Wonderpole

  • Beets: Detroit Dark Red

  • Cabbage: Golden Acre

  • Cabbage (Chinese) Pak Choi

  • Carrot: Chantenay Red Corded

  • Cucumber: Ashley

  • Cucumber: Wisconsin SMR 58

  • Flower (Coneflower): Eden 7

  • Flower (Four o'Clocks): Mixed

  • Flower (Four o'Clocks): Red

  • Flower (Poppy) California Mission Bell

  • Flower (Snapdragon): Fairy Mix

  • Flower (Sunflower): Autumn Beauty

  • Flower (Sunflower): Domino

  • Flower (Sunflower): Sunspot

  • Flower: Zinnia Pumila

  • Gourd (Pumpkin): Small Sugar

  • Herb: Borage

  • Herb: Bouquet Dill

  • Herb: Thyme

  • Herb: Triple Curled Parsley

  • Kale: Red Russian

  • Lettuce: 4 Seasons

  • Lettuce: Black Seeded Simpson

  • Lettuce: Buttercrunch

  • Lettuce: Gourmet Green Mesclun

  • Lettuce: Super Red

  • Melon (Cantaloupe): Hale's Best

  • Melon (Watermelon): Sun and Moon

  • Mustard Green: Florida Broadleaf

  • Mustard Green: Jadespoon Tatsoi

  • Mustard Green: Mizuna

  • Okra: Jade

  • Peas: Green Arrow

  • Peas: Oregon Sugar Pod

  • Peppers: Anaheim Hot

  • Peppers: Sweet Banana 

  • Radish: French Breakfast

  • Radish: Pink Beauty

  • Spinach: Bloomsdale

  • Tomato: Beefsteak

  • Tomato: Big Red Sandwich

  • Tomato: Cherokee Purple 

  • Tomato: Floradade

  • Tomato: Homestead

  • Tomato: Rio Grande 

  • Tomato: Rutger

  • Tomato: Pineapple

  • Tomato: San Marzano 

  • Tomato: Sweetie