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Why you should visit your local library in 2021.

Updated: May 17

Libraries are a thing of the past right? Wrong! Moony the Miniature Schnauzer has a few reasons why libraries are here to stay and why you should get a library card today.

Libraries are one of the few places left that offer a wide variety of services for no additional cost or very little cost. They're geared toward helping patrons and serving the community. Your local library provides a lot more than you think they do. Getting a library card is 100% free and you gain access to a lot more than just free books and the latest movies.

For example, did you know we have a 3D printer? Patrons can come in with a design in mind or find one with the help of staff. We'll walk you through each step and watch as your design comes to life.

Do you enjoy history? Have you ever been curious about your family tree? Stop by and search through our genealogy room, dedicated to local and surrounding county history.

In our kids area, grab a Wii remote and 'ruin' your friendships with a game of Mario Kart or Mario Party. Or if you want to go old school, check out our board game shelf and ruin your friendships via Monopoly! (Always a good time!) We also have a brand new Alienware gaming PC and an oculus rift with the latest, (family friendly mom and dad) VR games; come stop in to play Beat Saber!

Do you enjoy DnD? We have a group for that! Never played before? No problem, we accept all levels!

Right now, we have multiple take home programs. Want to teach your kids about gardening? Check out our free Seed Library and take home a bag full of easy to plant seeds.

What about science, English, and math? We offer "Learning Backpack" kits. Take home a pre-packed learning kit and give your child a boost in a subject they may struggle with or one they simply enjoy!

We also have wildlife kits for your little adventurer! Learn about local growth and animals or go bird watching with our birdwatching kit!

The library also offers support for those trying to finish their GED's or gain a higher education. We've partnered with PearsonVUE to offer certification and licensure exams for leading organizations in virtually every industry.

What about Job hunting? Don't know how to create a resume? No worries, a staff member would be more than happy to help you learn to create one.

The library has partnered with Brainfuse, a website with amazing resources for not only education and tutoring but job hunting. The best part? The library pays the fee, so you get 100% access for no cost to you.

Trouble with new technology? Not sure how you got locked out of Facebook again? Don't sweat it, it happens to the best of us. Stop by the library and a staff member can help you with most tech problems, from creating an email account to installing the latest iPhone update. (And helping you reset that pesky Facebook password.)

What if you just had a long day? The library offers a quiet reading room with free Wi-Fi for you to simply sit and relax and maybe crack open a new book.

Don't feel like reading? Then listen to our book club podcast "You Don't Have to Finish it." The goal is to create a reading habit without the stress. Don't like the book? Don't finish it!

The library's goal is to serve our community to the best of our ability. We take pride in being able to help where we can and we're here to stay!

Maybe if you're lucky, on your next trip here, Moony will get you your very own library card just like his!

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