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Spooky places you probably don’t want to actually go visit.

The Stanly Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

Let’s start off with a classic. The Stanly Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s that hotel. The inspiration behind Stephen King's horror novel “The Shining.” The hotels history is rich with tales from staff and visitor a-like seeing apparitions, ghosts, orbs, shadowy figures, you name it, they have it. There’s even tell of a maid from room 217 who will appear and pack away your clothes without you noticing.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia

If you’re a fan of Waverly Asylum here in Kentucky you may be interested in the Trans-Allegheny Asylum. Nothings spookier than creepy doctors. The asylum was used as a residence for the mentally ill since the 1800’s. It was only built to hold 250 patients, but at its height housed 2,400. Overcrowding, poor conditions, and the downright scary conditions for mental health in those days, unfortunately, created many ghost stories. Another building rich with history. Stories from the civil war, a gold robbery, and more.

This place personally made my “places to visit” list but maybe you have a better sense of self-preservation.

For more information check out their website! HERE!

The Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts

Famous for the little song and rhyme now more than the actual historical event. Lizzie Borden is a name that usually rings a few bells for people.

In 1892 Andrew Borden and his second wife Abigail, where brutally murdered in their very own home. The main suspect was Lizzie. However, no one really knows whether Lizzie actually committed the crime; and even though she faced a trail, she was acquitted and found not guilty. The house where it all went down still stands today with claims of hauntings from strange odors, voices, objects moving on their own, feeling touched at night, and footsteps, to seeing full-body apparitions.

Sedlec Ossuary, Kutná Hora, Czech Republi

And last but not least, this wild “church of bones” With about 50,000 human skeletons in this monastery. Totally unassuming from the outside, the inside is filled to the brim with real human bones, arranged as decoration throughout the entire building.

“You may wonder how all these bones were craved in a small chapel in the Czech Republic. It goes back to 1278 when the King of Bohemia sent the abbot of the Sedlec Cistercian Monastery to Jerusalem.
When the abbot returned, he brought a jar of soil from the Golgotha, known as the “Holy Soil.” Soon people from all over the place desired to be buried in Sedlec. Thus, the cemetery there had to be expanded.
In the 15th century, a Gothic church was built near the cemetery, and its basement was used as an ossuary. The bones stayed there for centuries till 1870, when a woodcarver named Frantisek Rint was appointed to place the bones in order. The result was impressively shocking.
Finally, the Sedlec Ossuary may seem dreadful, but you will most likely not find it scary but peaceful while visiting it. Those 40.000 dead people wished to be buried in a holy place, so they went to Sedlec in the first place, and now their bones are right in the middle of the chapel."

For more interesting facts, check out the page dedicated to the history of Sedlec Ossuary.

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