Read and Walk Challenge!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Welcome to our READ & WALK Challenge!

This challenge will promote wellness to both our bodies and minds by encouraging participants to read & walk throughout the day. Participants may log into their library account to browse a variety of audiobooks to download while taking a stroll. Participants can use a pedometer or other step tracker to record the number of daily steps taken and record this number into the system either through the website or by using the Challenge Runner app. While it is recommended that participants log steps every evening, they have up to 3 days to record daily steps. This challenge will run for 5 months (April-August) ending with a 5K run/walk in September.

To make this challenge a bit more exciting we have partnered with our surrounding counties (Bath, Fleming, Mason, Robertson & Rowan) to make this challenge a friendly competition. Each month we will have a different category that will determine the winner for the month. The county that wins the category for the month will be able to display the traveling trophy at their local library and have the bragging rights. Each month a different county has the opportunity to gain those rights! However, we will always be tracking our daily steps and entering our data to keep track of our progress. The county with the most steps at the end of the challenge keeps the trophy and becomes the winner of the 2021 READ & WALK Challenge! 

Results will be posted weekly on our library Facebook page (Fleming County Public Library) to see which county is in the running to take the trophy for the month.


  1. Download the Challenge Runner app or use the website =

  2. Create an account & enroll using your county code below

  3. Download an audiobook

  4. Walk, walk, walk

  5. Record your steps

Bath County Code: c2684z-2wy9 Fleming County Code: 75184z-2wt5

Robertson County Code: b3284z-2wy6

Rowan County Code: 89384z-2wxw

Mason County Code: 3938z-2wxj

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