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Hillybilly Horror Stories

Updated: May 17

Famous Podcasters and native Kentuckians, Jerry and Tracy Paulley are coming to Owingsville Kentucky to share their most creepy and horrifying stories.

Come to the meet and greet Oct 28th at 7pm at the top floor of Bath County Memorial Library on 24 West Main St.

With a huge following Jerry and Tracy are well known in the podcasting world.

Jerry the host and storyteller grew up in Fairdale KY and has been fascinated by the paranormal since his childhood. Growing up in a haunted house will do that to you.

Every week he brings you the history of a haunted place and all the juicy details about the hauntings.

Co-host and wife Tracy brings the much-needed levity to these spooky tales as comedic relief and the heart of the show. Together they tell tales of horror and suspense.

You can listen to them on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Check out their website and merch here!

Or listen to an episode here!

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