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Family Fun Backpacks

Did you know that the library has Family Fun Backpacks? What’s a Family Fun Backpack you say? Well I’ll tell you. Obviously, or this blog wouldn’t exist.

The library has put together backpacks full of things designed to entertain, promote physical health, mental health, and teach. The backpacks are for a wide variety of ages so there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy.

Our Wild Life kit contains information on how to identify plants and animals along with binoculars, and to your six year olds enjoyment. A pamphlet on how to identify different types of scat. Yes. Poop. Six year olds love poop. Personally, I’ll take any sign that lets me know a bear may be around the corner.

There’s also our Germs & Microbes kit, with 48 slides, a microscope, and a booklet with activity ideas. How well are you really washing your hands? Can you see the germs on your hands?

The Bee kit where you can plant sunflower seeds and then count how many bees or other pollinators you see, and send that information into a life real scientist who will take that information and use it to help the bee population. You can help save the bees!

We also have a Water Exploration kit where you can test and preform experiments on the water at your own home. Alternatively, our Astronomy kit with a pamphlet to identify the constellations, a flashlight and a book to read with the family.

And that’s not even half of them! We have one for arthritis, anxiety, stim, Alzheimer’s, and we’re always looking to add more.

There are so many backpacks filled with all kinds of activities for you and your kids, or just you!

Swing by and take a look at our Family Fun Backpacks and if you have an idea or an organization that would pair well with these take-and-go activities let us know!

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