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Cosplay Camp Coming Soon

Updated: May 17

Starting July 6th-9th the library will be hosting its first ever Camp! This new program is designed to engage children ages 8-12 for a 4 day camp, 2 hours each day, with the end goal being to create their very own cosplay and participate in the BCML Comic Con costume contest and pizza party that Saturday!

What is the purpose of cosplaying? Two reasons!

Number one: It's really fun!

Number Two: It can actually be a really great STEAM or STEM activity.

This year's theme is Video Games and Anime. Not only will your child learn get to create a design based on their favorite video game or anime character, they'll also learn important life skills like, how to operate a sewing machine. (Under supervision!) They'll learn pattern making skills which use basic math, learn how to style wigs, create props with tools like a 3D printer, all while simultaneously learning how to problem solve and think creatively. There's no right or wrong way to cosplay, you can copy the characters design down to the exact look or put your own spin on things! It's about expressing yourself and celebrating a show or character that you love!

Campers will be given most of their spupples via the library, however we encourage them to find outside sources as well. Thrift shopping is a great way to find supplies!

Sign ups will start in June with limited spaces so start thinking about it now!

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