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Breviceps fuscus.

No, that's not a Harry Potter spell, that is the scientific name of the Black Rain Frog.

A weird looking little guy, the black rain frog looks like it's perpetually in a bad mood. With its short squat little body, stubby legs, and frowning face, I personally think this weird animal is adorable.

I mean look at him. His face reminds me of mine when I have to do my taxes.

Ahem, anyway....

Breviceps fuscus is a burrowing species that likes to live near small sand piles in the southern slopes of the cape fold belt in South Africa. Its back feet have small flanges to act as diggers helping it to burrow tunnels that run up to 8inches deep. Unusually, this frog likes to avoid water preferring to spend most of its time underground during the day. Nocturnal, the black rain frog will spend its night scavenging for food. For water, it will actually use its transparent stomach and its many blood vessels and capillaries to absorb water from the sand itself!

When young, this frog doesn't have a tadpole stage like other frogs. Instead, hatching from eggs, young Breviceps fuscus emerge as smaller versions of its adult counterpart. Amazingly, these young black rain frogs are called... froglets!

(As if this little dude couldn't get any cuter.)

Continuing with the theme of not being like other frogs, the black rain frog doesn't jump or swim to escape predators, its round body prevents that. Instead, the frog will puff up to 7 times larger that its original size in an attempt to intimidate. They will also use this ability to fill up their burrows to keep snakes and other predators out.

Another defense mechanism, these frogs have, are the small lumps all over their body making them appear poisonous to other animals.

But perhaps what this frog is known for the most (other than its odd looks) is its scream. A high-pitched chirp that acts as a distress call.

I mean listen to that! Terrifying!

While its chirp is supposedly threatening to other animals, and it's looks grumpy... Once again, I personally can only describe this frog as adorable.

Truly a unique creature that hopefully brings a laugh!