AppHarvest and the Great Sunflower Project

Updated: Nov 10, 2021


BCML is starting a new, online, kid friendly program with the help of the new green house here in Rowan county. Meet virtually to learn more about App Harvest and the pollinators in their green house.

Have a question for App Harvest but can't join us live? Email any questions you have to and well try to get an answer for you.

Click HERE to go to the event page for more information.

The Great Sunflower Project!

Some bee populations have experienced severe declines that may affect food production. However, nobody has ever measured how much pollination is happening over a region, much less a continent, so there is little information about how a decline in the bee population can influence gardens.

The Great Sunflower Project makes it easy to gather this information. Find a plant you know (or a Lemon Queen Sunflower), observe it for 5 or more minutes and record all pollinators that visit, and contribute data online. You can make as many observations as you want while your flowers are in bloom. Plant, Watch, Enter. Repeat. That’s it. And, who doesn’t like sunflowers?!

Be sure to visit the event page HERE

and click HERE to get all the info you'll need!

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