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13 Faces of Halloween Day 2

This look is spooktastic!

  • Start with a white base

  • frame your eyes and nose with black to mimic a skull

  • While making the teeth of the skull try and work with negative space or outline the teeth before filling in with black.

  • Finish with a deep mauve lipstick.

  • You can even paint your nails black!

  • Add a headscarf and you're good to go!

A witch look is perfect for Halloween!

  • Pale Foundation

  • Light green shadow to the whole lid

  • Dark green shadow in the corner and crease, blend toward temple.

(we're making a smoky eye)

  • Drag the colors to frame the bridge of your nose

  • apply black eyeliner however you'd like

  • Black lipstick

  • Take your greenest eye-shadow and add it to the center of your lip

You can even add a few gems or other sparkly things to complete the look!

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