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13 Faces of Halloween

Christi and I (Sydni) have been waiting for an opportunity to dress up like big kids! And here we are!

For 13 days we'll be posting our makeup/costume transformations!

Day ONE: Tinker Bell and Kabuki inspired make up and costume.

To achieve a Tinkerbell-inspired makeup look, start by applying a light green eyeshadow all over the eyelid. Then, use a darker green shade to create a cut crease and add definition to the eye. Apply black liquid eyeliner to the upper lash line and create a wing. Add false lashes if you want, we didn't use them here, for extra drama. Use a pink blush on the cheeks and highlight the high points of the face with a shimmery highlighter. Finish with a red lipstick or lip gloss. Don't forget to add some fairy dust (glitter) for a magical touch!

Kabuki Make up and Theatre

Kabuki Theatre is a traditional Japanese art form that tells stories through elaborate facial painting. The process starts with a white base paint on the entire face and neck. Though for this look we went a little lighter with how heavy the makeup historically is and skipped the neck.

This makeup is an essential part of Kabuki performances. The actor applies eyeliner, creating a dramatic wing effect and defining the eyes. The lips are painted red, then the eyebrows are drawn with dramatic arches creating exaggerated facial expressions.

Traditional makeup is usually a lot thicker and can be heavy on the face, and finding make up like that can be expensive, so for this DIY costume look I used a simple makeup kit from the dollar store.

Historically these looks would take hours to complete with many more intricate designs and lines. The scarier it looks the better! This make up was for warriors!

Look forward to more crazy makeup looks and costumes!

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