Middle Schoolers Summer Reading

5th - 8th grade

Wednesdays at 1 pm

June 6 — The Percussion Family
Children will transform glass jars and colored water into a xylophone! Participants will make predictions about the tones each jar will make and then will combine the sounds to make a song!

June 13 — Singing & Songwriting
Our bodies can make music by clapping, stomping, snapping, etc. Participants will assign a symbol to each kind of musical body movement, then they’ll put the symbols together in a sequence to create music!

June 20 — Animal Talk
Discover how animals “talk” to each other in this STEAM program with hands-on
activities! Children will hear a portion of How to Speak Dolphin by Ginny Rorby and then they will experiment with echolocation!

June 27 — Rhythm, Rhyme, and Repeat
When a great beat is on, you may find yourself tapping your foot, bobbing your head, or maybe even dancing in your chair. This program will have children exploring rhythm and rhyme in ways that are both familiar and new!

July 5 — Science of Sound
What do you get when you combine an interrupting chicken, a plastic cup, string, and a wet paper towel? Join us to find out! *Please note that this meeting is on Thursday instead of Wednesday this week, due to the holiday.  

July 11 — Rock Around the World
Water drumming originates with the Baka Forest people of Cameroon. Using their hands on the water’s surface, a percussive rhythm is created. Teams will learn four measures of simple rhythm to share with group. 

July 18 — Historical Music Moments
The first ever music came from nature: animal sounds & bodily functions made up the world’s first melodies. Over time, human intelligence and technology have evolved to create new musical stylings. This program features a few specific events on the musical time line. 

July 25 — We Love the Beatles
During the program, participants will hear the music of The Beatles, through song and in story form, and then make a craft to take home. 

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